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The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.

~ Theodore Hesburgh

There are things you do because they feel right, and they may make no sense and they may make no money and it may be the real reason we are here: to love each other to eat each other's cooking and say it was good.
~ Brian Andreas, StoryPeople

God made children cute so they could be tolerated until they get some sense.
~ Unknown

Don't spoil me. I know quite well that I ought not have all I ask for. I'm only testing you.
~From "A Child's Viewpoint of Discipline" (Author Unknown)

A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary.
~Dorothy C. Fisher

Where did we ever get the crazy idea that in order to make children do better, first we have to make them feel worse?
~Jane Nelson

If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much.
~ Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Peace is the luxury you enjoy between your children's bedtime and your own.
~ Lester D. Klimek

About Cindy Horst

Important Note
My Family
What I Like To Do
My Favorites List
Three of My Core Beliefs
How I Got to GrowGreatKids (aka: My Testimony)
An Explanation of My Selected Bible Verses
My Credentials (Education, Degrees, Awards, Experience)

Important Note

You might want to browse the Parent Coaching, Parent Education, Free Stuff , or Other Resources sections first, and come back to About Cindy if you decide you want to get personal. This section is rather long, written with the intent of showing you the details of who I am, and you might first want to find out what I can do for you. You'll see My Credentials at the bottom of this page.

My Family

Family is what comes to mind first when I'm asked to tell about myself, and foremost in that category is my wonderful husband, Harry, who has been the man of my dreams for over 25 years. I am further blessed by my children, Carlee and Danny, who complete me and who teach me so much. In addition, I come from two of the most supportive, loving and encouraging parents ever in existence, and I am exceedingly grateful for their powerful influence in my life. My final family blessing is my "little" sister, the most loyal woman anyone could ever ask to have in her corner. Our bond is a testimony to the legacy of unconditional love in our family of origin.

What I Like To Do

I like to eat good food, drink good wine, go to the movies, read, write, teach Jr. High English, bake goodies, laugh and connect with friends and close family, enjoy the outdoors, and learn new things about life and the Lord.

I require only two things for vacation: sun and water. (A good chick book doesn't hurt either, but it's not necessary.)

And I love to work. I have to discipline myself not to. What this means for you, my visitor, is that I won't rest until I've created the very best parenting support for you that I possibly can. It is my great honor and pleasure to be able to do so.

My Favorites List

Favorite Movies: Heat, and Terms of Endearment
Favorite actor: Robert DeNiro
Favorite actress: Meryl Streep
Favorite song: "American Girl," by Tom Petty
Favorite music: Classic rock and Jesus music (as the kids and I call it)
Favorite book: Too many to list, but my favorite genre is parenting books (big surprise)
Favorite magazine: Women's Health
Favorite food: Quality pizza and Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby Ice Cream
Favorite stores: Target and Barnes and Noble
Favorite Friday night activity: Pizza and movie with the family.
Favorite pampering: Swedish massage
Favorite place to relax: My friend Leora's house on Lopez (San Juan Islands, WA)
Favorite place in the whole world: My dad's back yard (Clearwater, FL)

Three of My Core Beliefs

  1. Life becomes immeasurably better when we trust in the Lord and allow Him to take over.
  2. Children need and desire loving limits and the security of strong parents who are clearly and consistently in charge.
  3. Fruit only gets to count as dessert when it's wrapped in warm, flaky crust and topped with vanilla ice cream.

How I Got to GrowGreatKids (aka: My Testimony)

My journey to the creation of GrowGreatKids is a testimony to trusting God’s leadings. Here’s why:

For over a decade I had found great fulfillment in teaching elementary school, but as the years progressed, I began to grow restless for opportunities to pursue what had become my passion — sharing with dedicated parents the effective methods I had learned for raising children who are responsible, respectful, and a joy to be with.

In 2003, I felt divinely led to a start-up company that I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt and against all worldly reason, was the Lord's provision (finally!) of an opportunity for me to seriously pursue parenting education. I left teaching, and within six weeks, I left my new position as well, because the owner ran out of money for my paychecks. Gulp.

Now some would say, "Well, I guess you missed your mark on that leading," but I actually see it as an example of God's amazing provision and omniscience, because, in the time since then, I've been led to opportunities far greater than what I could have hoped for in my dream job that "didn't work out," (namely, among other things, the advent of GrowGreatKids).

While not having a "real" job provided the gift of time to develop GrowGreatKids, more significant was the gift of repair. God healed my broken spirit, screwed my head back on straight, and drew me closer to him, where I will gratefully remain for the rest of my days. My words cannot fully articulate what this has meant in my life, and I regularly pray that the Lord will allow me to speak of it in ways that will touch people's hearts without turning their heads. (No one, after lighting a lamp, hides it under a jar, or puts it under a bed, but puts it on a lamp stand, so that others who enter may see the light. ~ Luke 8:16).

I feel truly blessed to have been led to this satisfying and rewarding vocation of supporting parents and teachers in their most important of vocations — developing children — and I thank you for taking the time to learn more about who I am.

An Explanation of My Selected Bible Verses

Home page: Proverbs 3:6, about acknowledging the Lord in all you do, is included because I desire to follow that instruction. I worried a bit that including my faith on my web site might turn off some potential clients. ("Oh, she's a Jesus freak. No thank you.") But God gave me this ability to support parents for HIS glory, not mine. I can't know that and then fail to acknowledge it, so it is my privilege and honor to include Him all over this site.

Home page: Proverbs 3:5, about trusting the Lord and leaning not on one's own insights, is my very favorite verse because of the journey from what I (melodramatically) refer to as my "black place," to where I am now. Trusting that God has a plan for me already all figured out has given me tremendous peace in facing life's challenges. Following what I believe to have been His leadings has put me where I am today. (P.S. If you doubt the Lord has a plan for you, too, let's talk. I know people who will help you discover God's map for your life. I'm telling you, He has one for every single person who wants to consult it.)

About Cindy page: Luke 8:16, about lighting a lamp and leaving it out for all to see, is included here because I hope God will let me be just one more person indicating to others how great it is to have the peace that comes from trusting in Him. He lit that lamp for me, and I don't want to hide it under my bed.

About Cindy page: Ecclesiastes 2:25, about eating, drinking, and loving your work, is included here because those are three of my favorite things to do, and I just think it's pretty cool that I was made to love the things that Ecclesiastes says is all there really is for us to do!

Parent Coaching page: Galatians 5:22, 23, about how love, patience, etc., is the fruit of the Spirit, is included here because it reminds me to ask the Holy Spirit to help me display those things in my daily life, especially with my children. Plus, I think it's kind of funny how it says, "Hey, there's no law against this stuff!"

Parent Education page: Luke 10:42, about Mary choosing the better part, is included here because a big theme in my parenting education is that constant busyness is a bad thing. (If you don't know the story, Martha, Mary's sister, had asked Jesus to make Mary get off her butt at Jesus' feet and help her with the chores, but Jesus just shook his head and said, "Martha, Martha…," and Martha got a lesson that she should act like a human being, not a human doing.

Love & Logic™ page: Romans 8:38, 39, about how absolutely nothing can separate us from the love of God, is included here because it gives me shivers every time I read it. Plus, it makes sense to include it on the Love & Logic™ page. (Get it? God's unconditional love? It's not very logical?) It's a most awesome promise, though. Go read it again.

Rave Reviews page: John 15:5, about how we'll bear fruit if we abide in the Lord and how we can do nothing without Him, is included here because I want to take all those nice testimonials and lift them up to the Lord. He equips me to do well; He is the source of my strengths and abilities. Not me.

Other Resources page: Romans 8:28, about how all things work for good, is included here because I love how it points to God's grand scheme, and the resources listed on this page might work together for the good of YOU!

Contact Me page: John 14:6, about how Jesus is the only way to the Father, is included here because I love how it so clearly states the way to heaven. If we begin with the premise that Jesus was the only perfect human (and I do) then one thing we know is He did not lie, so if Jesus says He's the only way to the Father, then He is! (My old logic professor would be proud of my deduction, don't you think?)

FAQ page: Micah 6:8, about how God only asks three things of us, is included here because, for one thing, it's a question, so it belongs on the FAQ page <wink> but, really, I love this verse because it points out how little God asks of us. It's like, "Hello? Do you think you can manage these three measly little things when I give you everything else?"

Free Stuff page: 1 Peter 4:10, about serving each other with the gifts we received is included here because it reminds me that God gave me the gifts I use to help parents, and that I honor Him by using them to serve others. (But I gotta earn a living, too, so only some stuff is free. <grin>)

My Credentials (Awards, Degrees, Education, Experience)

Graduate: Institute for Life Coach Training-Christian Track:
August, 2004

Adjunct Professor, Seattle Pacific University:
2001 to present

Staff Development, Northshore School District, Bothell, Washington: 2001 to present

Graduate: Love and Logic™ Institute, Facilitator Training:

Love and Logic™ Parent and Teacher Trainer:
1999 to present

Master of Arts: Humanities, California State University at Dominguez Hills: 1993

Entered parenthood:

Elementary school teacher; various leadership positions held:
1987 - 2003 (Return to teaching—jr. high—2004)

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, magna cum laude, University of Washington: 1986

Outstanding Woman Psychology Major, University of Washington: 1985

Personal Photo Gallery
- click photos for larger image

Summer '09...I will never know how I got so lucky as to be blessed with this husband and these two kids.

My favorite photo of my children. They've looked this angelic exactly once.

My dad and me celebrating
my 40th birthday...ummm... several years ago.

A Halloween tradition: carving pumpkins with Grandma —a tradition we still engage in today.

My husband, my sister, my dad, and me (in brown) on Orcas Island, WA, circa...
short hair.

My sister and me at our
favorite spot on the planet: Palm Beach Pavilion, Clearwater, FL.

My favorite guinea pigs for
Love and Logic parenting; first day of school, 2008 (8th and 10th grade).

My sainted mother and me,
on Mother's Day '09. (We have just finished gorging ourselves on Strawberry and Brie Bruschetta that my wonderful husband makes for us every year.)






Family at Flamingo Hilton, Las Vegas
My book club members; books are conspicuously absent, pointing to the real reason we meet.







Two of the world's best friends, 2008. Claudia, in pink, is with Jesus now.

There is nothing better for mortals than to eat, drink and find enjoyment in their toil. ~ Ecclesiastes 2:25
Cindy Horst, M.A., Parent Coach & Consultant, Love & Logic Specialist

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