If you want your kids in
the house by midnight, say, "What is better
for you, honey? Eleven-thirty, or midnight?"

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Wise parents know that not getting one's way from time to time is actually good practice for life.
~ Jim Fay, founder of Love and Logic™

Wise parents know that yelling, "Stop fighting!" is about as effective as fighting fires with a squirt gun.
~ Jim Fay

Parents who spend a lot of time making sure their children are happy end up raising kids who have no idea how to make themselves happy.
~ Jim Fay

Love and Logic™

What is Love and Logic™?
What is a Typical Love and Logic™ Technique?
What is GrowGreatKids' Connection to Love and Logic™?
How Do I Find Out More About Love and Logic™?

What is Love and Logic™?

Love and Logic™ is a philosophy of developing children which offers the highest odds that they will become responsible, respectful, contributing members of society.

Love and Logic™ is all about "relationship." In order to maintain a healthy relationship with children while they learn how to handle the real world, adults must set and enforce limits in a loving way, and must respond to childhood mistakes with empathy, not anger. Love and Logic™ teaches how to do just that.

What is a Typical Love and Logic™ Technique?

Let's say a child's bike is stolen because he left it out all night. We might naturally respond with, "I told you not to leave that bike out! Now it's gone! Go to your room! And while you're in there, you better think about being more responsible with your stuff, mister! You are so irresponsible!" This is not very loving. It's nothing but yelling and belittling.

Further, when we're no longer upset and we feel bad that our child has no bike, we might buy him a replacement, with the warning that he had better not leave this one out. This is not very logical. It teaches the child that there are no lasting consequences for bad decisions, and it rescues the child from his mistake.

A Love and Logic™ parent will respond differently to the stolen bike, perhaps with something like, "Oh geez, Buddy. I'm awful sorry this has happened. That was such an awesome bike, too. Man, am I sorry it got stolen. Well, I buy kids one bike, and after that, it's up to you. What do you think you'll do about this problem of not having a bike?"

You can see how much more loving and empowering is the 2nd approach. It demonstrates empathy for the pain and lets consequences do the teaching. That's Love and Logic™.

What is GrowGreatKids' Connection to Love and Logic™?

Cindy uses Love and Logic™ techniques extensively in her own life as a mother and a teacher. She is a trained leader in Love and Logic™ classes, which she provides for parents and teachers alike, both live and via telephone. (See the Parent Education page for available options.) Cindy receives no compensation of any kind for promoting Love and Logic™ products.

How Do I Find Out More About Love and Logic™?

Contact Cindy at 425-806-5444 or cindy@growgreatkids.com, and/or visit the Love and Logic™ web site at www.loveandlogic.com.

Here's what participants are saying about Cindy's classes and seminars...


One of the best teachers/facilitators I've encountered.

I found you to be very approachable, humorous, and knowledgeable.

You have excellent skills. You communicate articulately. I enjoyed your sense of humor.

I highly recommend Cindy Horst as a qualified, energetic, and inspirational teacher of Love and Logic™ principles. (More)

Cindy is a gifted communicator who has mastered the principles and techniques of Love and Logic™.   (More)

For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.
~Romans 8:38-39
Cindy Horst, M.A., Parent Coach & Consultant, Love & Logic Specialist

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