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I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.
~ Harry S. Truman

"Dad, get off my case. Don't you understand this is the first time I've ever been a teenager?" He looked at me and said, "Pal, don't you know this is the first time I have ever been a father?"
~ Hugh W. Pinnock

That's what makes child-raising harder. It's not just that American families have less time with their kids; it's that we have to spend more of this time doing battle with our own culture.
~ Ellen Goodman

Motherhood is like Albania. You can't trust the brochures. You have to go there.
~ Marni Jackson

Making the decision to have a child — it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around on the outside of your body.
~ Elizabeth Stone

Having a family is like having a bowling alley installed inside your brain. ~ Martin Mull

The commonest fallacy among women is that simply having children makes one a mommy, which is as absurd as believing that having a piano makes one a musician. ~ Sydney J. Harris

Rave Reviews

"Cindy's passion for parent success will inspire you. My husband and I were amazed at how our child responded to these new techniques. Our entire family dynamics have changed! Cindy is not only very knowledgeable in helping solve our challenges with raising a toddler, but she also throws in a touch of humor…which always helps!"
A.M., Harborview Medical Center, Mother of 2

A Note From Cindy About These Testimonials
Anonymous Testimonials
Parent Coaching Testimonials
Pastoral and Mental Health Care Testimonials
PTA and School Administrator Testimonials

A Note From Cindy About These Testimonials

Have you ever read a bunch of testimonials about someone and thought to yourself, "Hmmm — I wonder if these are actually real people or if this guy just made them all up?" Well, I wonder that sometimes, so I find myself wanting to assure you that everyone quoted on my web site is truly a real person. Let me know if you'd like to contact anyone whose initials follow a testimony so they can give you more information about their experience with me.

Anonymous Testimonials

The following testimonials were taken from anonymous evaluations at the end of various parent/teacher Love and Logic™ seminars Cindy has given in the greater Seattle area since 1999. Cindy collected these long before she ever thought about requesting names. A glance through them will indicate why she is so confident in her workshops as to actually guarantee the results: if you are not completely satisfied with the content and presentation of Cindy's Love and Logic™ workshops, she will gladly refund 100% of the fee.

"10+! This is the best parenting class I have ever attended (both content and presenter)."
"I would definitely recommend Love and Logic™ to every parent and teacher."
"You have excellent skills. You communicate articulately. I enjoyed your sense of humor."
"Fabulous teacher. Very engaging and effective. Great sense of humor."
"One of the best teachers/facilitators I've encountered."
"I found you to be very approachable, humorous and knowledgeable."
"I have recommended this class to everyone I know! I loved it and would take it again in a minute. You are awesome!"
"Class was entertaining, practical, effective — a 10!"
"On a scale of 1 - 10, this class is a 15!"

Parent Coaching Testimonials

"I feel empowered again, like I AM in control of the situation, whereas before I felt really out of control with no options."
L.G., Realtor/Loan Officer, Mother of 3

"We are grateful for all the change you are helping to bring about! It is wonderful not to be stuck and feel helpless without a clue how to cure the problems. It feels very good to learn and start seeing a plan — a light at the end of the tunnel so we can aim for it. Thank you, Cindy!"
J.B., Fitness Professional, Mother of 2 teens

"Without a parent coach, I'm a great mom, but Cindy's support helps keep me grounded and balanced so I remember to take care of myself, too!"
C.C., "Soccer Mom" Extraordinaire!

"Cindy's sincere desire to help parents create less stress in the home is inspiring. She clears the road and helps identify what the problems really are, and she finds solution ideas that work. That kind of clarity is rare, and is especially calming to frazzled mommies!"
A.M., Grandmother of 2

"I love talking with Cindy. She knows how kids think and she shares her wisdom freely and completely. As my coach she cut to the chase and helped me clearly see what I needed to do to encourage more responsibility in my children."
D.J., Mother of 3, PTA President

"Cindy helped me find a solution for tantrums that honored my Biblical approach to parenting. She uncovered what was already there and handed it to me. Her pinpoint accuracy is invaluable."
M.P., Mother of 4

"Cindy cares deeply about all the kids and parents she works with. She's especially tuned in to issues of respect and responsibility and she is a wealth of information for busy parents."
C.I., Mary Kay Consultant, Surviving Mother of Teens

"Dear Cindy,
Thank you for the help with my (otherwise delightful!) daughter. There hasn't been an angry outburst in months! You really helped us get to the bottom of a complicated issue."
K.H., Mother of 2

"With Cindy as my coach, I have identified my core parenting values and have used them as the focal point for maintaining the sanity in my busy family. Just as important, Cindy helps me discover who I am as "Mom," and she keeps me accountable to the legacy I want to leave for my children."
K.T., PTA President, Soccer Club President, Small Business Owner, Mother of 3

"I have complained about this to girlfriends but to talk with a professional about it and to take ownership and plan steps to make things better feels SO good."
LC, Former Microsoft Marketing Specialist, Mother of 2


Pastoral and Mental Health Care Testimonials

"Cindy is an excellent facilitator with a servant's heart. She did a tremendous job for our parents. We have benefited greatly from the effective principles and illustrations provided in the Parenting with Love and Logic™ program."
Associate Pastor J.V.
Kirkland Church of the Nazarene

"Cindy Horst is informed, thoughtful, and an invaluable resource for organizations that wish to equip parents with life skills that encourage healthy families. Cindy is a delight to partner with in presenting a very practical course that will encourage parent/child relationships for years to come. Cindy's presentations are a vital part of what we offer as parenting opportunities at Mercer Island Presbyterian Church."
Reverend P.B., Pastor to Students & Their Families
Mercer Island Presbyterian Church

"Cindy is a gifted communicator who has mastered the principles and techniques of Love and Logic™. She has an instructive yet affirming style of working with parents that equips them to become more effective and confident in their parenting. The techniques and principles taught in Love and Logic™ enable parents to enjoy their roles because boundaries are clear and children feel valued and loved. Love and Logic™ can turn a chaotic, negative household into a positive, relaxed, organized home. The class gives specific answers and techniques that enable moms and dads to move from "no-win" to "win-win" with their children. I strongly recommend Cindy Horst as facilitator for the Love and Logic™ program."
M.K., Director of Children's Ministries
Timberlake Christian Fellowship

"Our parents of toddlers through teens very much enjoy Cindy's classes and always want her to come back for more. She communicates personal interest in the participants' issues, happily staying after class to offer one-on-one attention. Cindy weaves Biblical perspectives on parenting into her workshops in a non-threatening fashion, and her classes are filled with laughter and warmth."
M.C., Benevolence Pastor/Adult Ed Coordinator
Eastside Foursquare Church

"Love and Logic™ provides parents with practical tools to "raise up a child" in today's real world. We've had over 100 families take Cindy's courses over the last two years, and they walk away with the satisfaction of gaining insight into raising smart children who in turn will mature lovingly and logically. Whether it be issues of potty training or back talking, homework battles or tantrums, Cindy addresses concerns with sensible grace."
E.M., Director of Children's Ministries
Mercer Island Presbyterian Church

"Eastside Moms and Moppets, a group of mothers with children between the ages of birth and five years, very much enjoyed Cindy Horst's February, 2004 introduction to the principles of Love and Logic™ parenting. Cindy was an excellent facilitator, using examples from her own life to clearly and effectively explain how to reap the benefits of the Love and Logic™ approach."
K.C., Director, Eastside Moms and Moppets
Eastside Foursquare Church

"It was a joy to learn from Cindy and the Parenting with Love & Logic program, which was by far the most informative, sensible, and reasonable parenting course I have ever taken. I enjoyed Cindy's humor and warmth throughout the learning process and especially appreciated how easily she role modeled several difficult situations for our benefit. I was able ask questions and apply my newly acquired parenting skills immediately. The Parenting with Love & Logic program is a course I repeatedly feel confident endorsing and I will continue to heartily recommend it for my clients."
La Perla Counseling & Trauma Response Services, Inc.


PTA and School Administrator Testimonials
"Cindy's Love and Logic™ classes consistently rate high evaluations and positive feedback from Northshore staff members. We recently had to add a second section of her scheduled class in order to accommodate everyone who wanted to sign up. Participants use words like "excellent," "informative," "wonderful," "helpful," and "fantastic" to describe her classes."
C.M., Classified Staff Development Coordinator
Tacoma School District

"Our staff felt very grateful for Cindy's sharing with us the practical and realistic Love and Logic™ approach to developing children to become lifelong respectful and responsible problem-solvers."
A.S., Principal
Saint Brendan Parish School

"I highly recommend Cindy Horst as a qualified, energetic and inspirational teacher of Love and Logic™ principles. Our parents find that implementing these strategies saves them heartache and headaches as their children mature. We also have had several staff members attend Cindy's classes. They have found these techniques to be very effective in establishing and maintaining management and motivation in the classroom, and they continue in their quest for more Love and Logic™ techniques."
A.P., Principal
Arrowhead Elementary School

"Cindy is an outstanding educator who has been uniquely gifted to lead parents (and teachers) to better relationships with their children, and to create more peaceful home and school environments. She is both knowledgeable and passionate in her quest to bring excellence to parenting and teaching. We appreciate her candor, her wisdom, and her sense of humor. Cindy's influence lingers long after class is dismissed."
L.D., Principal
Wellington Elementary School

'I have had the pleasure of working with Cindy Horst in two different capacities: as a participant in her Love and Logic™ classes, and as a parent of a student in her Love and Logic™ classroom. She is warm, wise and witty in her delivery of instruction to parents and students alike. She is a woman of great ability and integrity and I strongly recommend her workshops to any group."
D.J., PTA Co-President
Wellington Elementary School

"I attended Cindy Horst's Love & Logic classes three years ago when they were offered at Arrowhead, and I was so impressed with the material and with Cindy that I worked to bring her back to Arrowhead to teach a new crop of parents. We had over 40 parents enrolled in the 4-week session. It is apparent that Cindy is thoroughly knowledgeable on her subject, but more than that she delivers from the heart and with humor solid parenting solutions to knotty child-rearing problems. Cindy's seminars are engaging, informative, and interactive. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to really listen to parent questions and to respond with practical, workable advice. Her sincerity and focus make her an ideal teacher, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in providing quality parenting classes to their membership."
J.Q., PTA Co-President
Arrowhead Elementary School

"Cindy was a fabulous speaker who brought great information to our parents with humorous examples and real life situations. We received tremendous feedback from her visit."
M. S., J. W.-B., PTO Co-Presidents
St. Brendan Parish School


Cindy's Quick Tips

If you want your child to eat at least three carrots, say, "Honey, would you like three carrots, or four?" He'll be more likely to cooperate with three, given the perception you create that it could've been four.

When you are concerned enough over your child's complaint about a teacher to speak to someone, always go to the teacher first and establish a partnership with, "Let me describe what I'm hearing at home and get your thoughts on it."

Instead of "Go to sleep now," say, "Grown-up time starts at 9:00. Feel free to lie awake quietly in bed as long as you'd like."

Instill your values by consciously letting your child "overhear" you talking about your experiences with honesty, diligence, consideration, etc., over and over again.

When your child shrugs and mumbles, "I dunno," experiment with saying, "Well, if you did know, what would you say?"

Instead of asking, "How was your day?" try, "What are three good things that happened today?" or "Tell me the best part and the worst part about your day."

The best way to teach your child to work hard in school is to hold him accountable to performing his share of household chores with excellence. (And this does not mean just keeping his room clean.)

You'll increase the odds kids will listen to you if you first listen to them.

I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me, you can do nothing.
~ John 15:5
Cindy Horst, M.A., Parent Coach & Consultant, Love & Logic Specialist

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